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When choosing the right company to come out and service your home, there are many factors that can affect your final decision. Each carpet cleaning company has their own methods, solutions, and selling points. Professional carpet cleaning services tend to have their own patented products and equipment. Stanley Steemer, Zerorez, and Chem Dry are the three most used service providers in the local Phoenix area. To provide you with the most information possible at once here is the most up to date information about each company. All backed up by calls to each company as well as research into each of their websites.
STANLEY STEEMER- Stanley Steemer uses a truck mounted system that connects to a wand. The wand is the only piece of equipment used in the house.
ZEROREZ- Zerorez uses a two part cleaning system. They call their system the Hot Carbonation Extraction.
CHEM DRY- Chem Dry uses a heavy duty Hot Carbonation Extraction system. The system is connected to the truck mount that applies the water and solution into the carpet. 
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STANLEY STEEMER- The wand system used does not have any brushes in it to agitate the carpet at all. Any agitation caused may just be the continuous back and forth motion on the carpet while using the wand. The agitation may become less effective the longer it is being used because the agitation depends on the pressure being applied by the technician.
ZEROREZ- The agitator is separate from the solution application system. It has rotating brushes that work to break up the dirt in the carpet. The agitator is not a heavy system so whatever pressure is applied is man made.
CHEM DRY- The HCE system used has rotating brushes that causes the fibers to separate from each other and get our solution deep into the carpet. The system also applies 40 pounds of pressure into the carpet that allows the agitating rotator brushes to work better.
STANLEY STEEMER- The application of solution and water is directly applied into the carpet with very high pressure. Because of the high pressure it may cause over-wetting in the carpet.
ZEROREZ- As mentioned before, Zerorez has a two part cleaning system. The second piece of equipment is for the water and solution application. The piece is referred to as a wand. 
CHEM DRY- Before each cleaning, Chem Dry includes a pre-treatment of heavily soiled areas to get a deeper clean. The solution is mixed into a very large tank that gets run through a hose connected to the system. For those who want the protected added onto the carpet, the protectant is co-applied with the solution to ensure a longer lasting cleaning. The heavy duty system then pumps the mixture of water and solution into the carpet. Being careful not to over-wet the carpet we only apply as much as needed to get a good mix of solution and water to work its way through.
STANLEY STEEMER- The wand does not have enough power to create a high suction and extract a great percentage of the water. If the water is not being effectively removed from the carpets, then that means neither is the solution. Any residue left behind from the solution will cause dirt and particles to be attracted to those areas. And this causes your carpets to get dirty faster. The slot in the wand is narrow and cannot give you the suction needed to give you fast dry times. Stanley Steemer estimates their dry times to be between 8-24 hours
ZEROREZ- Zerorez uses a wand that does apply the mix of the water and solution into the carpet. As stated before, a wand does not have the high suction to remove most of the water or solution. Left over solution can and will attract and cling to dirt. Zerorez estimates their dry times to be between 4-8 hours.
CHEM DRY- The Hot Carbonation Extraction system has a high suction that is powered by the truck mounted system. The system extracts 80% more water than typical steam cleaners. And all the solution is extracted along with it. Leaving behind no residues to attract and keep in the dirt. Chem Dry estimates their dry time to be between 1-3 hours.
  • Faster dry times means that you have a less likely chance of mold and bacteria festering in the carpets. Also, moving furniture back onto wet or damp carpets can create stains and damage both the furniture and the carpet.
STANLEY STEEMER- Stanley Steemer cannot guarantee the removal of urine spots or odors. They offer a deodorizer that can assist with the smell and cover it up, but eventually the smell will come back.
ZEROREZ- Zerorez has a very generalized description of their odor removal services. From the online and call in research done recently, they cannot guarantee complete removal or provide a rough estimate for the service over the phone. They treat the area with a smell removal treatment then rinse it out right after the application. 
CHEM DRY- Chem Dry will always conduct a blacklight pre-inspection to determine all points of urine. If found, Chem Dry has a very effective Pet Urine Removal Treatment. It is an enzyme treatment that breaks up the urine particles and lifts it to the surface where it can easily be extracted. The product is effective in getting down into the backing of the carpet. It not only treats the odor but the spot as well. The treatment is left on the area for 24 hours to complete the process of urine removal. These are the only areas that may take longer to dry. Chem Dry does have a 30 day warranty on each cleaning that does include the urine removal. If you find that a smell or spot has come back, we will be happy to come out and re-clean the area for free.
STANLEY STEEMER- While there are no add on fees at time of booking, customers have complained about the persistent up-selling charges that can and do go up by hundreds of dollars
ZEROREZ- When calling Zerorez keep in mind that they may not explain to you that they do have a $15 disposable fee. 
CHEM DRY- Chem Dry has no additional fees. Chem Drys’ prices does not have any tax added on or disposal fees. 
STANLEY STEEMER- The solution is an EPA Safer Choice. Considered safe for pets and children.
ZEROREZ- Zerorez is not currently approved by any association when it comes to healthy and safe cleaning. Although, they do claim themselves to be a healthy carpet cleaner.
CHEM DRY- All Chem Dry products are green certified. We use no harsh chemicals or detergents. Chem Dry has been tested and approved to remove 98% of allergens from both carpets and upholstery. The solution also guarantees to remove 89% of airborne bacteria. The Natural solution has a neutral PH, it is hypoallergenic, and is safe for pets and kids.
STANLEY STEEMER- Stanley Steemer has a 10 day satisfaction guarantee. 
ZEROREZ- They have a 30 day guarantee. They offer to come out to redo the carpets if need be.
CHEM DRY- Chem Dry provides a 30 day warranty for each cleaning. Rarely is the 30 day warranty invoked because we provide great results before leaving. But as needed, we will come back to re-clean problem areas up to 2 times at no cost.
  • While reviews can be biased a good portion of the time it is hard to look over the multiple reviews with similar outcomes and experiences. We encourage you to continue doing your own research into each company and give some calls around. 
Best of luck and we hope you choose CHEM DRY to be the one to service your home!